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Even eight months after its initial release, Elden Ring is still garnering attention from the community. With most players having beaten the game normally, others have been coming up with unique ways to defeat the bosses of the Lands Between. We’ve seen players use a harp to beat Margit, the Fell Omen and others go through the entire game blindfolded. However, a feat was recently accomplished that is difficult to surpass; a Twitch streamer, MissMikkaa, recently defeated an elite boss in Elden Ring using just a dance pad.

MissMikkaa has been tracking her dance pad journey through the Lands Between on their Twitch channel. She’s been gaining more attention with every boss she defeats; and now MissMikka gets to add Malenia, the Blade of Miquella to the list of bosses she’s conquered.

To make matters more impressive, MissMikkaa has been going through the whole game as a level one character. Pair this with the fact that the streamer is using a dance pad to control her character, and you have one of the more impressive feats ever accomplished in the Elden Ring community.

MissMikkaa stated that she managed to defeat Malenia only using four healing flasks. Of course, the streamer didn’t manage this task in one try; she said it took her “553 tries and over 15 hours.” Still, it took some of us that same amount of time using a normal controller/keyboard and mouse.

With Malenia now defeated, MissMikkaa is still going strong on her quest to defeat the entirety of Elden Ring using a dance pad. Up next, they have Malekith, the Black Blade at Crumbling Farum Azula. While Malekith might not be as difficult as Malenia, the Black Blade is still an incredibly tough boss. We’ll be keeping up with the progress MissMikkaa makes and provide an update when she fully beats Elden Ring.

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