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EA released their earnings call script for the first quarter of 2020 yesterday. It shows the past year’s releases have been profitable for the company, with Apex Legends leading in live service revenue.

Peak performance

Season 2 has seen a significant surge in Apex’s numbers, according to the report. The game’s second season “has outperformed [EA’s] expectations with significant growth in daily and weekly active players.”

The company is reporting a considerable upswing in earnings since last year, led in no small way by its live service titles.

“Live services net bookings were up 12% year on year, to $504 million, led by Apex Legends and The Sims 4,” company CFO Blake Jorgensen states. “We continue to expect The Sims 4 and Apex Legends to each deliver net bookings in the $300 million to $400 million range.”

Season 2 delivered on every aspect of Apex Legends that seemed to be lacking at launch. It dramatically improved balance and added the sorely needed ranked mode. It also added a lot of new cosmetic content. Cosmetics have been a priority for the game’s community from the start.

All of these things evidently have contributed to making Apex Legends a top earner for EA in 2019. The company is banking on it to continue delivering in the future. “Our plans to bring Apex Legends to China and a worldwide mobile launch are also on course,” CEO Andrew Wilson states. He also promises more updates on the matter in the future.

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First official event in September

EA is getting behind Apex’s esports as well. Wilson says that “interest from teams, broadcast partners and patrons is strong.” To capitalize on the appetite, the company will organize a major tournament event later this year.

“We’ll have 80 teams from around the world participating in our first official competition in September,” Wilson says. “Apex Legends is going to be a major new addition to the global competitive gaming scene this year.”

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