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Popular streamer Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm is returning to streaming. The Doc posted two separate videos, one on Instagram and one on Twitter, hinting that he could return as early as today. He also released a new song named ‘Red Skies’. However, DrDisrespect’s YouTube channel now features emotes and a “Join” button. This most likely hints that the Two-Time is moving to YouTube Gaming for his broadcasting needs. Though, he might not have signed an official deal as of yet.

Is DrDisrespect moving to YouTube Gaming for his stream?

The falling out between Twitch and DrDisrespect is still a mystery. There’s no official word on why Doc was banned from the platform and there’s a chance there never will be. That wasn’t going to stop the two-time Streamer of the Year, though.

Earlier today, Doc went live on Instagram and viewers heard a parody news segment in which Red Skies was teased. Later in the segment, the commentator reveals that the Doctor could go live as early as today.

Later in the day, Doc posted the full Red Skies song on Twitter for all to enjoy. The track takes some clear shots at Twitch and makes it clear that the streamer is moving on to greener pastures. These pastures could be the streaming side of YouTube Gaming.

For some fans, there’s an option on DrDisrespect’s YouTube channel that allows you to join for $4.99 a month. Members who choose to join will be a part of the Champions Club, which is also promoted on the channel along with three custom emotes.

While this likely means YouTube is Doc’s new home, sources say that he has yet to sign an exclusivity deal with the site. So, if DrDisrespect does go live, it might just be because he chooses to and not because he’s tied to the platform.

We’ll keep you updated on all developments to this story here at Daily Esports.

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