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Fighting games are known for their competitive nature, both online or at your home with friends — or even attending massive tournaments with the top fighting game players in the world fighting for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why some of us are not aware if Street Fighter 6 has a story mode. But if you ever get sick of grinding, there actually is a single-player campaign to check out: World Tour.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode is essentially a single-player campaign that has you exploring a world full of battle-hungry NPCs and completing objectives. Playing World Tour will help you learn the basic mechanics of Street Fighter 6 and allow you to understand each fighter’s moveset better. You will also be rewarded with cosmetics and items.

World Tour character creation

What’s interesting about World Tour is how immersive it is. You create an avatar in a detailed customization system, making it feel like you are inside the world of Street Fighter, interacting with its iconic characters and new arrivals.

After you initially create your character, you’ll be able to personalize your outfit with hats, shirts, pants, and footwear along with other accessories. This can be done around the map. The clothing you pick will impact your character’s statistics and traits.

Street Fighter 6 Avatar Creator: How To Create & Use Custom Character |  GINX Esports TV

Completing missions in World Tour

You’ll find an abundance of missions inside World Tour. Check them out in your character’s in-game smartphone. These tasks include learning interesting fighting techniques from iconic characters on the roster.

Not only will you find yourself improving at various skills, you’ll also unlock special Master Action abilities. You can also purchase your Master gifts to boost your relationship with them to level 100, unlocking special costumes to use in other game modes.

Keep in mind that you may be attacked by an NPC while traversing the world and completing objectives.

World Tour is quite long compared to other single-player modes in fighting games, but you’ll gain a lot of important knowledge along the way that will make it worth your while.

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