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Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), the topic that has been raging through the Apex Legends community, may have been tweaked recently. There’s no doubt that the mechanic exists, or has existed, in Apex Legends since around Season 2. Much to the community’s disdain, skill-based matchmaking has been proven to help those below-average players who struggle in public matches. However, according to a teaser from a Respawn developer, skill-based matchmaking may have been adjusted or turned off recently.

Skill-based matchmaking adjusted in Apex Legends?

As early as today, reports are coming in that suggests SBMM seems different. Although, in this case, different means not present at all. In public matches, it’s fairly easy to tell if you are being matched up with players of your skill level. The gunfights are tougher, engagements are sparse, and there are more pre-made squads.

Now players of all skill levels are reporting their lobbies feel much more balanced. Respawn producer Josh Medina responded with an emoji of watching eyes to a tweet earlier today that suggests this is no accident. The tweet reports that Apex Legends‘ lobbies feel much easier and they’re having much more enjoyment with the game.

While this is unconfirmed by all accounts, the fact that Medina chose to respond to this particular tweet at all is telling. Respawn obviously is aware of the community’s complaints with skill-based matchmaking. Every day on Reddit a new thread pops up with a player protesting Apex Legends‘ usage of skill-based matchmaking.

So, it might make sense that Respawn is attempting to start pleasing their passionate community. However, we have no hardcore data supporting any of this. Perhaps one of the members of this passionate community could do some testing to prove skill-based matchmaking was altered.

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