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In a recent post addressing the game’s community, Respawn explained their methodology for upcoming Apex Legends events. Tucked in the middle of it was also a little teaser for the next themed event. Apparently, this event will be “focused on a certain Phase Expert,” which can only mean one person.

Wraith Town Takeover

Clearly, Apex Legends‘ Wraith is getting her own Town Takeover, just like Octane did in the recent Iron Crown Collection event. A Town Takeover involves reshaping a part of Kings Canyon, which is always welcome. Additionally, the map changes will most likely come with some new Wraith lore from Respawn. That much we know from today’s teaser, which they delivered via Twitter. You can see the characteristically cryptic teaser below.

The event is still a couple of weeks away, but the location of Wraith’s Town Takeover has already been found. Fittingly, the discovery was first reported by Apex Legends community theorist FrozenFroh on Reddit. It seems Respawn snuck in some minute map details with yesterday’s update, hinting at the location.

As you can see in the image below, new construction poles have popped up in the game. This is similar to the piles of construction materials that showed up before Respawn added The Cage to the map. The poles surround a small cluster of buildings in the Shattered Forest area of Kings Canyon. This is most likely where we’ll find Wraith’s Town Takeover.

Apex Legends Wraith town takeover event frozenfroh
Image courtesy of FrozenFroh via Reddit.

The Apex Legends Wraith Town Takeover event will come in early September, according to Respawn’s post. It will bring new cosmetics and challenges, as usual. Notably, Respawn states that these types of events also come with limited time game modes. Perhaps after dabbling in solos, the studio will let players try out duos.

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