Dead Island 2 - How to dodge in combat
Dead Island 2 Dodge
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Dead Island 2 – How to dodge in combat

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Dead Island 2 presents you with a number of different combat scenarios. Not only are you up against hordes of zombies with just a melee weapon or firearm, but you also have access to traps and other forms of combat to take out the undead. In addition to all of that, you have different Skill Cards that you can equip on your character. All of the Skill Cards improve your character in one way or the other. However, before players can even think about any of that, they need to get the basics down. This starts with learning how to attack and dodge in Dead Island 2, with the latter being far less explained in-game.

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Dodging is one of the most vital mechanics that will learn in Dead Island 2. It allows you to avoid taking damage from zombies, but it can also fuel your attacks with extra damage or critical hits. Naturally, players will want to learn how to dodge very quickly in Dead Island 2, so read the guide below for all of the details.

How to dodge in Dead Island 2

While the game does not explain the dodge mechanic to you until you are a few missions deep in Dead Island 2, you can actually perform the mechanic very early on. All you need to do is reach level 2 on your character, and your first Skill Card will allow you to dodge.

Dodge Dead Island 2
The Skill Card menu in Dead Island 2. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

The first skill in the Abilities Skills section of the Skill Card menu will be called “Dodge.” This skill is automatically given to you, so you don’t have to worry about assigning it. To see what keybind you have bound to the Dodge mechanic, you can read the Dodge description. To change the keybind, you can visit the main menu and select “Options” and then “Controls.” Here, select “Rebind keybinds,” scroll down until you see Dodge, and then change it to whatever you want.

Now, you can be a full-blown dodging maniac in Dead Island 2, avoiding zombies like a pro. I will say, that future Dodge skills were much more useful than the one you start out with. I found that the Dodge skill that brings your hands up to block attacks was much better overall than the standard dodge move. However, it’s a personal preference for players.

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