Dead Island 2 - How to change the difficulty level
Dead Island 2 Difficulty level
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Dead Island 2 – How to change the difficulty level

Can the zombies do less damage?

Let’s face it, sometimes the zombie horde can be too much in Dead Island 2 and you might be looking for a way to increase your damage dealt while decreasing the zombie’s damage. Or, on the flip side, the zombies simply might not be hitting you hard enough and you think HELL-A is simply too easy to run through. In any case, you could be looking for a way to change the difficulty level in Dead Island 2.

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Whether you are a newcomer to the Dead Island series or not, players will ultimately be facing the same goal, which is to kill as many zombies as possible. Veterans might add some challenges for themselves and newcomers will simply want to get through the main story, but there will be plenty of zombies afoot either way. So, just how easy or difficult can you make Dead Island 2 and all of this zombie-killing?

Read the guide below to find all about the difficulty settings in Dead Island 2.

Changing the difficulty level in Dead Island 2

In a strange turn of events, it does not seem that there is any way to change the difficulty level in Dead Island 2. Even in the deepest part of the settings, players are unable to find any kind of difficulty level or setting. It appears the developers are taking a page from the Souls-like genre, as players will have to deal with the game’s enemies and story at the same difficulty as anyone else.

Of course, if players really want to make the game easier on themselves, they can simply earn XP to rank up, find new weapons, and equip better and better Skill Cards. While this isn’t the same as simply switching a setting, this is all players will have available to them in Dead Island 2. I found that certain parts of Dead Island 2 were certainly harder than others, especially solo. What I did to combat this is simply leave the main story quest alone and focused on side content until I leveled up one or two times.

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