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An early Gig that you can accept from Mr. Hands in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is called Treating Symptoms, and your main objective is to take out a man named Milko Alexis. Alexis, who is a part of the Voodoo Boys gang, is blackmailing Mr. Hands’ client, a one Indira Barazza, and he wants you to deal with the situation by any means necessary.

The majority of this Gig sees you fighting through waves of Voodoo Boys enemies inside of a netrunning facility. The Voodoo Boys have some serious firepower, including a few killer robots that you need to dismantle before even reaching Milko Alexis. However, after several waves of enemies, you will eventually reach Alexis, but he’s in a strange state. When you reach him, your choice to kill him won’t be as simple as you originally thought.

Is it worth killing Milko Alexis? Here’s what I experienced myself.

Killing Milko Alexis in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077: Should you kill Milko Alexis or let him live?
Choosing to kill or spare Milko Alexis. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Let’s start with your task at hand. When you first find Alexis, he is incapacitated at the hands of a man named Alan Noel. Noel is a Netwatch operative who has plugged himself into Alexis and is currently hacking all of his private information. Noel asks you to spare Alexis and allow him to finish his work, which will save more lives than simply killing Alexis will.

If you decide to ignore Noel, you will have to kill him to get access to Alexis, who won’t wake up. Once Noel is dealt with, you can put a bullet in Milko Alexis and the Treating Symptoms Gig will be complete. Mr. Hands will call you and he’s satisfied with your results, rewarding you with $8,000. 

Letting Milko Alexis live and complying with Alan Noel

On the flip side, if you choose to let Alan Noel continue his work with Alexis, the Treating Symptoms Gig will also be complete. You don’t have to kill anyone else, and Mr. Hands will be thrilled with the result, rewarding you with the same $8,000 as you would have gotten if you killed Alexis. 

However, after some time has passed, Noel will contact you and say that your decision to spare Alexis allowed him to find an arms dealer that was much more dangerous. Noel rewards you with an additional $8,000 when he contacts you, bringing your total to $16,000 if you decide to spare Alexis.

As such, the choice is obvious. You should absolutely listen to Noel and spare Milko Alexis in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, as this rewards you with double the money in the end.

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