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Season 3 of Apex Legends has been an interesting ride, to say the least. Easily the longest season to date, Respawn introduced many changes that the community both liked and disliked. As such, the arrival of the World’s Edge map was met with both excitement and criticism. Some fans thought a drift from King’s Canyon was what the game needed. Others thought that World’s Edge didn’t really fit with the play style that Apex Legends promotes.

This divisiveness led some to suggest that Respawn should let players choose which map they want to play. While thought to be farfetched, a recent leak hints that this could be exactly what Season 4 brings.

A return to where Apex Legends began

If you were to ask a majority of the community which map they prefer, many would say King’s Canyon. It’s where Apex Legends was born almost one year ago, and fans have nostalgic ties to the Leviathan-infested map.

That said, World’s Edge is by no means a bad map. While the loot can be scarce at times, the overall design and flow of the map are satisfactory. Its only major flaw is that it’s not King’s Canyon, which isn’t a knock on World’s Edge at all.

So, Respawn has two well-designed maps with a new season quickly approaching. One would think they would try to appease their community and include a map-pick system. Well, according to leaks, that seems to be where Respawn is going. Data-miner @Shrugtal has the leak for us.

While nothing is official, it certainly looks like both maps will be included in Season 4. However, this could be leftover from the Grand Soiree Event, which features a limited-time mode where players return to King’s Canyon. Unless we get additional leaks, this will remain a mystery until February 4 when Season 4 launches.

Do you want to return to King’s Canyon? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all developments to this story!