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The battle royale genre has blown up in the past several years and Apex Legends has been one of the more popular titles. Respawn Entertainment took its Titanfall universe and developed a BR out of it, similar to what Epic Games did with Fortnite. However, Apex has never been the top dog in the category, with the aforementioned Fortnite and newcomer Warzone leading the way. Although, the game has a devoted fan base and a plethora of enjoyable characters. Pairing these characters with Respawn’s desire to step out of the shadow of other BRs could lead to another mode coming to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends to move beyond battle royale in the future?

While Titanfall is the predecessor to Apex Legends, the only similarities between the games are in the weapons and items. The characters and maps for the battle royale were developed post-Titanfall, which means they have no direct ties to that universe.

Apex Legends Season 7 horizon
Season 7 is the latest installment for Apex Legends and Respawn. Image via EA

The characters within Apex Legends are at forefront of the game due to their likeability and unique backstories. It’s almost like a single-player atmosphere when you only look at the various legends, as each has a personality, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

While nothing could come of this character development, Respawn has stated it could cook something up for the legends that’s not featured in the BR mode. Director Chad Grenier recently did an interview with Eurogamer in which he stated that Season 12 of the game is already being developed.

When speaking about the future, Grenier also explained that battle royale might not be the studio’s only project.

We have this roster of legends that people love. How else can we use them? I think looking into the future, you’re probably going to see the game becoming more than just a battle royale game.

Apex Legends
Image via EA

This would be one of the only times that a popular BR game has spun off into another genre. Sure, Fortnite has Save The World and Warzone has the mainstream Call of Duty titles, but those were there beforehand. Respawn might be interested in developing another mode that piggybacks off of the BR.

Further in the interview, Grenier speaks on the LTMs in Apex Legends and how that would be a good starting point for this endeavor. So, while nothing immediate will happen, maybe we’ll see some type of PvE mode come to Apex Legends down the line.

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