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Elden Ring has been out a few days and players have been digging into the Lands Between for hours. The first chunk of time isn’t spent in Limgrave, though. It’s spend crafting something beautiful in Elden Ring’s character creator.

Elden Ring boasts a similar character creator to the Dark Soul series, though it is lacking some basic features to support Black players. Players can shape the face, hair, eyes and other elements of their avatar in order to create the perfect representation of themselves. Or an ugly version of Squidward.

It doesn’t stop there though. FromSoftware has hidden all sorts of outfits, either in enemy drops, by sale of merchants or elsewhere throughout the giant map. Combine these fantastical outfits with fan-created faces and you’ll find some Elden Bling.

The best the Elden Ring character creator has to offer

Players have started to gather in the Elden Bling subreddit to share their creations. Here are some of the best we’ve seen so far.

Loghan “Wolverine” Howlett

Tried to make him resemble Wolverine. Meet "Loghan" from EldenBling

The claws in Elden Ring work incredibly well for this fantasy version of the best X-Man. The classic mutton chops, brown hair and scars make it feel like Experiment X really is chopping up Margit.

Here’s how u/C0NT0RTI0NIST set the sliders to make this one work.

Ciri from The Witcher

Elden Ring is perfect for capturing Ciri’s dark and brooding eyes. She would probably feel right at home in the Lands Between.

Ciri from The Witcher in Elden Ring's character creator
Now we’re just waiting on Geralt. | Provided by Bandai Namco/u/otanyan12

Here’s how u/otanyan12 put her together.

Thanos the Mad Titan

Thanos could probably give Godrick and every dragon across Caelid a run for their money in a one-on-one fight. Now you can role play as him doing just that.

Elden Ring
u/Keaton_x’s take on the mad titan. | Provided by Bandai Namco/u/Keaton_x

Damn, that Jellyfish Shield looks good!

Found on the bodies of dead jellyfish directly north of the Foot of the Four Belfries on the lefthand side of the map, this greatshield will look fire with a number of outfits. It’s perfect for a weird looking Squidward.

Elden Ring jellyfish shield
The Jellyfish shield is effective but incredibly heavy. | Provided by Bandai Namco/Kush_the_Ninja

There are some absolutely incredible pieces of armor and weapons that make some breathtaking outfits. What’s the point of running around and killing beasts if you can’t look amazing while doing it?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT Elden Ring character
Now he’s just needs his three turtle brothers to take on Margit. | Provided by Bandai Namco/ghostkid7

Raphael has fought all sorts of monsters, but it’s doubtful they’ve been as gruesome as the ones found in the Lands Between. A cooperative session with Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello would be a match made under the Erd Tree.

People have been making their own versions of Boba Fett, Darth Maul and incredibly creep versions of Shrek. There is nothing many of these players can’t create with little more than time and Elden Ring’s character creator.

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