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Can you respec skill points in Starfield?

Recently, I found myself regretting where I placed my skill points in Starfield but there was no “undo” button. Starfield is a game where you can unlock various abilities based on where you put your skills, creating a different gameplay experience depending what you specialize in. Here’s what I discovered after making this mistake.

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Unfortunately, you cannot refund skill points in Starfield. 

Once you make a decision, you’ll be locked in permanently. The only way you can change your skill points is to create a new character or go back to an old save before you confirmed your most recent skill points. This is actually what I ended up doing — I went back to a previous save before I made the skill point selection. I had to listen to a little bit of dialogue again but it was worth it to ensure that I was building up my desired skill trees correctly.

I recommend making a save file right before you make any skill points decisions. Press “Esc” on your keyboard and select “Save” before you open your Character Menu and start messing with your skill points. This way, you can go back to just before you made the selection if you end up regretting your choices.

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How to use console commands to change skill points

This is not a recommended method because you will no longer be able to earn achievements on this file since it will be marked as Modded. It’s sort of considered “cheating” in a sense, since the game is designed to not let you respec your skill tree on a whim.

But if you truly want to respec in Starfield, here’s how:

  1. Open the console using ‘ on PC
  2. Use the command “player.removeperk (Perk ID)” to remove a perk selection
  3. Then use “player.addperk (Perk ID)” to add a new perk selection in its place

This option is only available on PC and will also leave you unable to get achievements. If this isn’t important to you, you may want to consider using console commands to fix up your skill tree if you want to beef up a different ability. But you didn’t hear it here.