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When Starfield launches on Sept. 6, it will be available for PC users via Steam. For most users, they will need to be using Microsoft Windows to access Starfield, as the game will not be playable on other operating systems, such as Mac OS. However, this does not exclude Steam Deck users from being able to access Starfield.

Steam Deck is Valve’s handheld PC that has sold extremely well in its first couple of years. Users have thoroughly enjoyed being able to take their Steam library on the go with them. The one issue with Steam Deck, though, is that it doesn’t have the full processing power of a normal PC, meaning that some higher-quality games don’t run well or at all on Steam Deck.

With Starfield’s release date drawing closer, Steam Deck users are extremely curious if their handheld PC will be able to run the outer space RPG or not.

Playing Starfield on Steam Deck

Will Starfield Run on the Steam Deck?

At this time, it’s completely unclear whether or not Starfield will be playable on Steam Deck. We know that’s not the answer fans were hoping to see, but we simply don’t know how well Starfield will be optimized on launch. If it’s optimized well, then Steam Deck users might be able to run the game at 720p on around Medium settings and achieve at least 30 frames per second.

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The one piece of good news when it comes to Starfield on Steam Deck is that the game is arriving on Steam. This is a major hurdle, as non-Steam games are far more complicated to get running on Steam Deck. So players will at least be able to add Starfield to their Steam library and access it on their handheld PC. The biggest remaining question from there is whether or not the game will be too much for the device to handle.

We will know more about running Starfield on Steam Deck when the game launches on Sept. 6.

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