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The developers of Hogwarts Legacy have made it a point to ensure that the game comes to as many platforms as possible. While the upcoming global release on Feb. 10 will only be for current-generation consoles and PC, there are later launches coming for the last-gen consoles and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Mac users are once again left out in the cold, though. However, what about playing Hogwarts Legacy on the Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck is a portable PC developed and produced by Valve, the creator of Steam. The handheld device is capable of playing a wide range of modern titles with decent graphical fidelity. Not every modern game that comes out is compatible with the Steam Deck, though, so players who own one are always curious about which games they can and cannot play. Below, Steam Deck users can see if they are able to play Hogwarts Legacy or not.

Playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck

Fortunately for any portable gamers out there, Hogwarts Legacy will be playable on the Steam Deck from day one. The community manager for Avalance and Hogwarts Legacy, Chandler Wood, recently confirmed this on Twitter.

Wood tweeted out an image of Hogwarts Legacy passing Valve’s benchmark testing for the portable PC. Perhaps the biggest benchmark that Hogwarts Legacy passed is that the default graphics run well on the device, meaning players won’t have to downgrade their settings to get the game to run at high frames per second.

In addition to that, Hogwarts Legacy’s interface and icons will all be seeable on the smaller screen and players can use a controller in the game if they want. If players decide to use a controller, they will be able to use the default controller configuration present on the Steam Deck.

This is terrific news for the overall accessibility of Hogwarts Legacy, as more gamers will be able to explore Hogwarts on Feb. 10.