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Let’s face it, walking around the giant map of Sanctuary in Diablo 4 is going to grow tiresome after a while. While the initial thrill of discovering new dungeons and areas can make players actually want to run from place to place, that thrill won’t last forever. At this point, players will be asking how they can procure a mount for themselves in Diablo 4.

Mounts make any open world game much simpler, as they allow players to travel much faster. While players can always fast travel to various waypoints, this isn’t always the fastest way of traversing the map. Sometimes, players need to explore a new area or go on a quest that sends them to a location without a waypoint nearby. Of course, some players could also want to skip waypoints altogether, as they can earn more XP by killing enemies along the way to a location or quest.

If you’re interested in getting a mount and speeding up traveling in Diablo 4, keep reading below.

Getting a mount in Diablo 4

At the time of writing, the Diablo 4 beta is going on and there is currently no way to obtain a mount in this build of the game. However, we are able to see how the process might work when the full game launches on June 6, 2023.

In most major towns and settlements, players will see a horse icon on their map. This is the Stablemaster’s location, and they are the main avenue for acquiring, upgrading, and customizing your mount. When you approach them in the beta, they tell you that you need to wait until you unlock a specific quest, which unlocks at level 36, before acquiring a mount.

Aside from that, we are unsure of how everything else will work in regard to mounts. It’s likely that players will be able to equip them with certain items that makes mounts faster and even changes their appearance. However, we have nothing confirmed on that front, so we’ll have to wait until the full build of Diablo 4 releases later this summer.

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