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All across the Palworld map, you’ll find bosses that are waiting to challenge you. Whether those bosses are in a Syndicate Tower, out in the open, or in a dungeon, you have likely asked yourself if you can catch them and add them to your party in Palworld.

After all, the boss fights in Palworld often feature some of the rarest Pals on the map. I know I have stumbled into a boss or two that I didn’t even know existed before. While you can defeat the bosses you find on the map, you might be more tempted to catch them so you can use them against other tough Pals in Palworld. But is catching a boss even allowed?

Are you able to catch bosses in Palworld?

There are a couple of different answers to this important question. On one hand, yes, you are 100% able to catch certain bosses you find. However, on the other hand, some bosses are completely off-limits and need to be defeated.

In Palworld, you are free to catch the world bosses, which are also known as Alpha versions of Pals. These are the bosses you find with their faces in a circle on the map and can be fought in a designated spot, as seen in the screenshot below.

Screenshot via Upcomer

If you see a red-horned icon next a Pal’s name, that means they are an Alpha, all of which are completely able to be caught in Palworld. Of course, these Pals have a much lower capture rate than any other Pal you can find on the map, so make sure you’re prepared for a tough fight when you go to encounter an Alpha.

As for the bosses you can’t catch, you are unable to capture Syndicate Tower Pals in Palworld. So, for example, you can’t capture Grizzbolt at Rayne Syndicate Tower (even though there’s a bug that’s currently allowing for this). That goes for the rest of the Syndicate Towers in Palworld. If you’re curious about just how many Syndicate Towers there are on the map, I went over that in a previous guide.

So there you have it; Alpha Pal bosses can be caught while Syndicate Tower Pals are off-limits. I recommend exploring the map to find more Alpha Pals to catch, as most of them make great additions to your party over anything else you can catch in the world.