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Bottom Dollar Bounties trailer image showing several characters from the new GTA Online update
Image via Rockstar Games

Bottom Dollar Bounties: what we know so far about the latest GTA Online Update

Bottom Dollar Bounties drops 25 Jun - are you ready?

Your GTA Online character’s backward slide continues. Once, you were top of the food chain, owning gun-running outfits, celebrity-solutions agencies, and mega offices that specialize in trading illicit goods. As time went by, you got into lowly chop shops, bottom-of-the-barrel salvage yards, and now; bail bonds. Can the slide continue any lower? Are we becoming… law abiding citizens?

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Why Bottom Dollar Bounties is Exciting

Look, my intro is just me being my dramatic self. It is kinda funny though, that we own bunkers and agencies and casino penthouses, and now we’re doing bail bonds. It really does feel like our character is having some kind of mid-life crisis and switching to the side for justice.

But you can’t deny that bail bonds sounds kind of exciting. We won’t be hunting down petty criminals, that’s for sure. At least, I hope so. We’ll be going after big crime bosses, maybe Merry weather execs. Heck, maybe Rubio will show his face in Los Santos and we can drag his butt to jail.

Now wouldn’t that be fun! I’ve been hunted by his chopper enough times to relish the thought of putting him in cuffs.

Speculation aside, here’s what we know so far.

Everything we know about Bottom Dollar Bounties

Firstly, here’s the trailer, in case you haven’t seen it, or you want to watch it again (Rockstar’s over-hype-y trailers are always fun!), check it out:

First thing’s first, we know from the above trailer that we’ll be able to buy a bail bonds business involving Maude from Trevor’s bonds mission in GTA V. That much is obvious, so we won’t go into any detail there. We’ll obviously also get to meet her daughter, Jeanette Eccles.

We’ll likely have some different locations from which to buy our bail bonds business, but the one in the preview appears to be near the Mission Row police station, which is here:

GTA Online map showing the location of the Bottom Dollar Bounties bail bonds business location in Mission Row
Screenshot by Upcomer

I literally went there myself to confirm this, and I can confirm:

The Bottom Dollar Bounties business location from the street in GTA Online
Yep, that’s it. Screenshot by Upcomer

So we know where at least one potential location is. As for the rest, we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll add a link to all the bail bonds business locations and where to buy them once I’ve done my homework.

The new vehicles in Bottom Dollar Bounties

Edit: Here are all the new cars in the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC for GTA Online. Check how it stacks up to the predictions below. Spoiler: It is a Burrito, not a Rumpo πŸ™‚

We can see a few new vehicles that could potentially be added. Judging from the trailer, and what people are saying on Reddit, here are the new or updated vehicles we’ll see in this update:

  • Police edition of the Bravado Greenwood (Very ’70’s, nice!)
  • Is that a custom Bail Bonds Rumpo? Or a Burrito?
  • Nebula Turbo? (Not new)
  • Vapid Contender (old car, but new customizations, perhaps?)
  • That looks like the GTA counterpart to the Hyundai N74!
  • Looks like a Declasse Impaler SZ Police edition?
  • A Police edition of the Bravado Dorado
  • Overflod Pipistrello (Already confirmed)

There also seems to be some kind of Enus sports or super car in there. But honestly, I’m not overly hyped about any of these. The police Greenwood looks pretty cool, and as a sucker for classics, that’s probably the one I’ll be hunting my bounties in (in a pinch I’ll probably take out the Pariah anyway – or maybe the weaponized STX. Hmm!)

The new missions in Bottom Dollar Bounties

Okay, all I have is speculation at this point. I mean, obviously we’ll be chasing down bounties. The big question is, how? Will we be getting into fist fights? Using non-lethal (i.e. the taser), or just dragging bodies back to Maude? I mean, the latter wouldn’t be a viable option in real time.

Not being able to just blast folks with that kitted out MG might well complicate things. However, it’s likely that we’ll see the return of the same mechanic used in the Agency missions when hunting down Johnny Guns. You get to use your guns on him, but he doesn’t die (I know, I did this mission just yesterday and popped him in the head several times with the trusty assault shotgun – guy can take a hit!).

We’ll probably also see more missions where you can’t use the Opressor MK II, nor weaponized vehicles of any kind (would make the bail bonds too easy, imo). So maybe we won’t be able to use our Agency vehicles… We might even have to use to the old Greenwood. I sure hope I can use my Dominator GTT for the cool factor – or the Pariah to just keep up when things get tough!

Edit: Confirmed, we chase and capture bounties, and it’s all been pretty easy, if I’m honest. Been flying solo and have has zero issues.

Final thoughts and exciting speculation on GTA VI

Wait just a second. If we’re doing bail bonds and working WITH the police, does that mean we’re the good guys now? We’re all about to become reformed crime bosses? That’s pretty much what it boils down to, doesn’t it?

What might this mean for GTA VI though? Will there be a law and order path and a criminal path? Might we see players on both sides doing battle when GTA VI Online launches? It sure looks that way, and opens the door – for the first time – to some potential unmodded role play (RP) in GTA VI.

This could potentially be amazing, but as someone who has been playing GTA V since launch, I can tell you that it won’t work out. Players will kill players regardless of allegiance – unless Rockstar has something up their sleeve here.

Either way, I’m hyped for Bottom Dollar Bounties – it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and a fresh new take on gameplay. I’m even more hyped for GTA VI right now, too. The possibilities are exciting.

When does Bottom Dollar Bounties Launch?

GTA Online’s new update, Bottom Dollar Bounties, will launch on 25 June at 9 am UTC. That means folks in Brisbane will have a cozy release time of 7 pm, while folks in California will have a harsh release time of 2 am.

Hope you’re planning on taking the day off! Meanwhile, us folks in the center of things will see a release time anywhere from 9am to 12pm. Nice.

While you wait, check out how to buy a business in GTA online – that’ll be crucial knowledge for when this launches. (Veterans of GTA Online can give that a skip!)

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