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Within any gaming community, like that of Apex Legends, there are hugely passionate fans that go all-out for their title of choice. While some choose to make fan art or videos to show their fandom, others choose to cosplay.

Even though cosplaying takes a lot of time and effort, some costumes will be better than others. However, there are a rare few that are so well thought out that they attract the producers or developers of the character that is being portrayed.

That’s exactly what happened with this outstanding Apex Legends Bloodhound cosplay.

Incredible Bloodhound cosplay

[Update: This Apex Legends Bloodhound cosplay, while still spectacular, has been found not to be the work of u/KyleTopher. The creator of this cosplay is @lonesn1per.]

Posted to Reddit on May 26 by u/KyleTopher, this Bloodhound portrayal blew up immediately. Currently sitting at over 20,000 upvotes, it is one of the most popular cosplays in the short lifespan of Apex Legends.

KyleTopher chose to cosplay the epic Royal Guard skin variant for Bloodhound. The Royal Guard variant portrays a Japanese Samurai, which KyleTopher nailed perfectly.

You can check out the costume and Reddit comments.

What do you guys think of the cosplay from apexlegends

Even coming with Bloodhound’s signature raven and a replica of an Apex Legends weapon, this costume truly goes above and beyond. KyleTopher says in a comment that this cosplay took two days to construct and cost over $200 altogether.

Respawn developers respond

Perhaps the ultimate prize for any cosplayer is seeing their work recognized. While other fan recognition is great, praise from the developers is the peak of acknowledgment. Seeing as this Reddit post is so popular on the official Apex Legends subreddit, developers were bound to see it.

Bloodhound cosplay blows Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment developers away
Three Respawn Entertainment developer responses to the Bloodhound cosplay

Even though Apex Legends is in a rough state, their fans are still showing their support. Hopefully, the developers at Respawn can turn the ship around with their June content update.

What do you think of this Bloodhound cosplay? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news and updates. 

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