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Black Swan is the next character coming to Honkai Star Rail. Thanks to the mystery surrounding her and her interesting abilities, Black Swan is highly anticipated and there have been quite a few leaks. Here’s what we know so far about Black Swan.

What we know about Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail

Black Swan is said to be a Memokeeper of the Garden of Recollection in Honkai Star Rail. This character can preserve and share memories. We don’t know much else about her backstory just yet.

There have been some leaks that have given insight into Black Swan, including that she’s a 5-star Wind character who follows the Nihility Path. A leak from Merlin Impact also claims her skill deals Wind damage equal to 60% of her attack and will lower an enemy’s defense by 27% for up to three turns.

Black Swan abilities in Honkai Star Rail

Leakers have given us full insight into Black Swan’s abilities.

  • Basic Attack – Percipience, Silent Dawn: Deals Wind DMG equal to 30% of Black Swan’s ATK on a single enemy unit, with a 50% base chance of inflicting 1 stack of Sacrament on the attacked enemy unit, and should a target have Wind Shear, Bleed, Burn, or Shock applied to them, each will have a 50% base chance of additionally applying 1 stack of Sacrament on the enemy
  • Skill – Decadence, False Twilight: Deals Wind DMG equal to 45% of Black Swan’s ATK to a single enemy and any adjacent targets, with a 100% base chance to inflict 1 stack of Sacrament to the attacked enemies and a 100% base chance to lower the attacked enemies’ DEF by 14.8%, lasting for 3 turns
  • Ultimate – Bliss of Otherworld’s Embrace: Deals Wind DMG equal to 72% of Black Swan’s ATK to all enemies and inflicts Epiphany on them for 2 turn(s). Enemies affected by Epiphany take 15% more damage in their turn, and their Sacrament effect is regarded as Wind Shear, Bleed, Burn, and Shock effects. In addition, when their Sacrament effect is triggered at the beginning of the next turn, the Sacrament stacks are not reset. The stack reservation effect can be triggered up to 1 time(s) during the Epiphany duration, and its charges are replenished when Epiphany is applied again
  • Talent – Loom of Fate’s Caprice: Every time an enemy target receives DoT at the start of each turn, there is a 50% base chance to for it to be inflicted with Sacrament. While afflicted with Sacrament, enemy targets receive Wind DoT equal to 96% of Black Swan’s ATK. Each stack of Sacrament increases this DMG multiplier by 4.8%. Then Sacrament resets to 1 stack. Sacrament can stack up to 99 times. Only when Sacrament deals DMG at the start of an enemy target’s turn, Black Swan triggers additional effects based on the number of Sacrament stacks inflicted on the target: When having 3 or more Sacrament stacks, deals Wind DoT equal to 72% of Black Swan’s ATK to adjacent targets, with a 50% base chance of inflicting 1 stack of Sacrament on adjacent targets. When having 7 or more Sacrament stacks, enables the current DoT dealt this time to ignore 20% of the target’s DEF and adjacent targets’ DEF
  • Technique – From Façade to Vérité: After using this Technique, at the start of the next battle, there is a 150% base chance to inflict 1 stack of Sacrament to each enemy. For each successful application of Sacrament, inflict 1 additional stack of Sacrament on the enemy, repeating until Sacrament fails to be inflicted. For each successive application of Sacrament, the base chance of success is equal to 50% of the base chance of the previous successful infliction of Sacrament on that target


  • Viscera’s Disquiet: After using the Skill to hit a single target enemy that has Wind Shear, Bleed, Burn, or Shock, there is a 65% base chance of additionally inflicting 1 stack of Sacrament for each of the above debuffs on the enemy
  • Goblet’s Dredges: Every time an enemy target receives DoT during the single attack of allies, there is a 65% base chance for it to be inflicted with 1 stack of Sacrament, stacking up to 3 time(s) during 1 single attack
  • Candleflame’s Portent: Increases DMG dealt by this unit by an amount equal to 60% of their Effect Hit Rate, up to a maximum DMG increase of 72%

Black Swan Eidolons

Leakers have been hard at work. Here’s another big leak, revealing Black Swan’s possible Eidolons. Check it out:

  • Level One – Seven Pillars of Wisdom: While Black Swan is active in battle, enemies in the Wind Shear, Bleeding, Burning, and Shocked states respectively have their Wind, Physical, Fire, and Lightning RES reduced by 25%
  • Level Two – Weep Not for Me, My Lamb: When an enemy under the Sacrament effect is downed, there is a 100% base chance of inflicting 5 stack(s) of Sacrament on adjacent targets
  • Level Three – As Above, So Below: Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15
  • Level Four – In Tears We Gift: While in the Epiphany state, enemy targets’ Effect RES reduces by 10%, and Black Swan regenerates 8 Energy at the start of the target’s turn or when the afflicted enemy is defeated. The Energy Regeneration effect can only trigger up to 1 time while Epiphany lasts. The trigger count will refresh after the enemy is inflicted with Epiphany again
  • Level Five – Linnutee Flyway: Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10
  • Level Six – Pantheon Merciful, Masses Pitiful: When Black Swan’s teammates attack enemy targets, Black Swan has a 65% base chance of inflicting Sacrament on every enemy target hit. Each time Black Swan inflicts Sacrament on an enemy target, there is a 50% fixed chance to additionally increase the Sacrament stack afflicted this time by 1

Black Swan release date

There is currently no release date for Black Swan but leakers expect that she will arrive in Versioin 2.0.

Black Swan trailer

Myraid Celestia Trailer: Fables About the Stars Part 1 is our first possible official glimpse at Black Swan. It’s not stated if the image and voice belong to her, but it matches what’s been leaked so far which has many fans believing this is Black Swan.