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Arenas is the brand new mode featured in Apex Legends Legacy, the game’s latest seasonal update. It features a CS:GO-style game mode mixed with the unique nature of Apex Legends. It’s the best of both worlds for fans and so far, the general consensus is fairly positive. However, it’s worth knowing what loadout to use in Apex Legends Arenas, including the best pistol option.

As with any new mode, players are wondering what will help them get ahead of the competition. Most of these questions revolve around Arenas’ buy menu, which is directly inspired by CS:GO and VALORANT. There are a plethora of weapons, items and abilities to purchase for use in the individual rounds.

While the bigger questions revolve around the most-used items, one important aspect that some fans might look over is the pistol. The pistol is a vital part of a team’s ability to come back or save crafting materials and knowing which one to pick is underrated knowledge.

Best pistol to use in Arenas

Currently, there are three pistols to choose from in Arenas, the P2020, Mozambique and RE-45. The first two are free weapons that all players can use no matter what their crafting materials situation is. The RE-45, on the other hand, costs 250 materials, making it the cheapest weapon in the game.

While it might not seem like a big deal, a player’s pistol can come in handy during early or save rounds. If players can manage to make use of the pistol, then they can save materials and buy a better weapon in future rounds.

Apex Legends Arenas buy menu
The buy menu in Arenas. | Provided by EA

So, which one should players pick? It really comes down to the situation and what primary weapon is in use. For example, if a player has an EVA-8 Auto shotgun, they wouldn’t want a Mozambique, as both weapons perform similarly.

To narrow the choice down, it’s not particularly wise to spend materials on the RE-45. While it is an upgrade over the two free pistols, it’s not worth the 250 price tag. Instead, players should opt for one of the free pistols that best complements their primary weapon.

For shotgun or sniper users, go with a P2020. For rifle users or SMG enthusiasts, a Mozambique’s powerful punch could come in handy. If a player doesn’t have any primary weapon though, the best overall choice would be the Mozambique. The P2020 is simply too weak at range to warrant using it over the Mozambique’s power at close range.

Using a primary weapon is always the best option but remember, switching to a pistol is always faster than reloading in Apex Legends Arenas.