Best Arnim Zola decks in Marvel Snap

Best Arnim Zola decks in Marvel Snap

A quick guide on how to play with Arnim Zola

As players progress through the collection levels in Marvel Snap, many new strategies will become available to play as players get more unique cards to fill out their decks. Pool 3 in particular is home to many powerful cards that are able to have entire strategies dedicated to themselves. Arnim Zola, of Captain America fame, is one of those cards that are too interesting to be ignored. Here is a quick guide on how Arnim Zola works as well as the best Arnim Zola decks in Marvel Snap.

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Arnim Zola decks

Screenshot via Marvel Snap

Arnim Zola is a six-cost card; he is inherently very powerful, as all six-cost cards are. The issue at first glance is that he also has zero attack which means that his effect has to be very strong to offset the zero power. And when looking at his effect, it may not be easy to have a strong opinion one way or another; but under the right circumstances, it is devastating. Arnim Zola destroys a random friendly card wherever he is revealed and adds copies of it to the other locations.

The goal with Armin Zola is to fake out a lane win on Turn 5 with a card like Spider-Woman and then on Turn 6, drop Arnim Zola to destroy a powerful five-cost card and copy them in the other two lanes to win the game instead. On the ladder, many players will not see this coming giving Arnim Zola decks an advantage. In this variation of the deck, Arnim Zola has two powerful five-cost cards to target with Spider-Woman and the newly released Black Panther.

An example Mister Negative deck with Arnim Zola. | Credit to LionBlue/

Players that are in the late game and have access to a lot of Pool 3 cards can experiment with Mister Negative; since he swaps the cost and power of all cards in the deck, he can make Arnim Zola cost zero, which opens up a ton of cool plays.

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