Baldur's Gate 3: Should you make a deal with Raphael in BG3?
Baldur's Gate 3: Should you make a deal with Raphael in BG3?
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Baldur’s Gate 3: Should you make a deal with Raphael in BG3?

Do you make a deal with the devil?

Raphael is primarily an antagonist in Baldur’s Gate 3, as he’s revealed early on to you as a legitimate devil. While this would usually mean you immediately assume Raphael is evil, he is extremely charismatic and can get you to trust him with just a few words. In any case, at the start of Act 3, Raphael offers you a deal concerning the Crown of Karsus, and your trust in the devil is tested.

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You are able to contemplate the deal, but Raphael wants an answer from you sooner rather than later. In Sharess’ Caress, Raphael is found in an upstairs room and presents you with an offer. The offer is that you deliver the Crown of Karsus to him and in exchange, Raphael will cure you of your tadpole. The devil will also throw in the Orphic Hammer as a pot-sweetener, which has the ability to break the chains on Prince Orpheus’ bonds in the Astral Prism.

The question is, should you really trust Raphael and make a deal with him? Read below to see both sides of the decision.

Making a deal with Raphael in BG3

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Let’s start with the more sinister choice first. If you decide to make a deal with the devil, he will actually give you the Orphic Hammer on the spot. This allows you to free Orpheus, which in turn makes you side against the Emperor. Orpheus is a crucial cog in defeating the Elder Brain and securing the Crown of Karsus.

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Speaking of the crown, if you choose to uphold your part of the deal with Raphael, then you will have to give the crown over to him. Doing this will lead to a less-than-desirable ending, and I will leave it at that. Of course, if you’re playing as an evil character in BG3, this might be exactly the ending you were looking for.

Not making a deal with Raphael in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3: Should you make a deal with Raphael in BG3?
Raphael presents you with an enticing offer. | Screenshot via Upcomer

If you decide to turn your nose up at the deal presented to you, then nothing really happens to you. Raphael won’t seek vengeance against you, and you don’t have to give him the Crown of Karsus. The only difference in this scenario is that you will need to go to his House of Hope and steal the Orphic Hammer for yourself if you want to free Orpheus.

While this seems like an extra step, the House of Hope is one of the best locations and quests in BG3. It’s where you can acquire most of the Helldusk Armor Set, along with the Orphic Hammer, and finally take on Raphael in combat, which is one of the best battles in the entire game. I highly recommend choosing this route, as you would be severely missing out if you don’t visit the House of Hope and fight Raphael.

Which choice should you make?

As I just said, I suggest not taking the deal, and going against Raphael by infiltrating the House of Hope. You don’t get to enter the House of Hope until you progress the story some more, but it’s well worth the wait. Also, the deal Raphael presents is not that enticing in the grand scheme of things, as you can simply take the Crown of Karsus for yourself if you want.

Of course, if you’re an evil character, then making a deal with the devil is the perfect choice for your party.

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