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In the lead-up to the ending of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will have some crucial decisions to make that affect the future of your party and the city of Baldur’s Gate. You have to decide whether or not to trust Orpheus or the Emperor, if you want to destroy the Elder Brain or perhaps give the Crown of Karsus to someone, or become the Absolute yourself.

The latter of those options is the most confusing, as becoming the Absolute means you will have complete control over the Elder Brain and the tadpoles in everyone’s heads. While this power sounds amazing, some players might be interested in exactly the ending they’re getting if they choose this route. Below, I will go over exactly what happens if you should become the Absolute in BG3.

Warning, there are spoilers for the ending of Baldur’s Gate 3 in the guide below. 

Become the Absolute in BG3

First and foremost, becoming the Absolute is only one part of the equation when you get to this choice at the end of the game. For me to take control of the Elder Brain, I had to stab and kill either Orpheus or the Emperor. It depends on which person you chose to side with in the Astral Prism after getting all three Netherstones. If you decided to become a mind flayer, though, then you will have the choice to wield the Netherstones yourself and take full control of the Elder Brain.

Become the Absolute in BG3
The choice to become the Absolute or destroy the Elder Brain. | Screenshot via Upcomer

In any case, whenever you get to the part of the ending with the Elder Brain’s fate in your hands, you want to choose to take control of it and become the Absolute. Choosing this option will start a cutscene where you sit down in a throne with your party surrounding you. It’s worth noting that your party members are usually not fond of your decision. The Elder Brain will call you its master, as you wield the three Netherstones that control the Crown of Karsus.

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Then, for me at least, once I sat down in the throne, the end credits rolled. There was no mention of how my decision affected the rest of the Baldur’s Gate, so it’s likely the developers are leaving that up to your own interpretation. However, due to the tone around the decision to become the Absolute, this is certainly not considered a happy ending. The tadpoles remain in everyone’s skulls and you have full control over them.

You also might have had to kill either the Emperor or Orpheus in order to take control of the Elder Brain. All in all, this ending isn’t as satisfying as some of the others in BG3, but it’s one that could fit the mold of an evil character.

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