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The Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3 has an almost overwhelming amount of places to see and characters to meet. While most of this content comes in the form of a quest, there are some other side activities to complete in Act 3 of BG3, including participating in the Laff Riot.

The Laff Riot is a show at the Elfsong Tavern, and it’s headed by a comedian named Harvard Willoughby. When you speak to the comedian, he will offer you the chance to defeat him in a comedy battle. This involves each of you saying three jokes each, and whoever gets the most applause and laughter from the audience wins.

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Winning the Elfsong Tavern Laff Riot in BG3

After Willoughby cracks his three jokes, it’s your turn. These are three lines you need to say (in order) to get the most favorable outcome in the Laff Riot:

  1. Willoughby the comedian, folks! Were his jokes good, or did he just smell funny?
  2. I tried sleeping with a dragonborn the other night, but it didn’t work out – he had a reptile dysfunction.
  3. Our cleric tried to cast Healing Word on a ham, but it was already cured.
Elfsong Tavern Laff Riot in BG3
The first answer to the Laff Riot competition in BG3. | Screenshot via Upcomer

After the third joke, you will receive enormous applause and laughter from the audience. However, this is your only prize, as Willoughby tells you to leave before you steal his job. You don’t get any reward or anything else for besting the comedian at his own game, just the satisfaction that you were able to make the audience laugh.

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