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The Chamber of Justice is one of the four trial rooms located in Ansur’s Lair in Baldur’s Gate 3. In order to open the door to get further in Ansur’s Lair, you need to complete all of these trials, and the Chamber of Justice is one of the more difficult ones to figure out.

In it, you will see a dark cloud of smoke surrounding a character called “The Judge.” There are several interactable paintings on the walls around the room that depict the story of a red-haired man. There’s also a statue of Balduran, the founder of Baldur’s Gate, that will vaguely explain what you need to do to pass the trial.

I found there are two ways to get past the trial. One way is the technical way to “pass it” while the other is failing the trial, but you still get credit for passing it in the end.

Passing the Chamber of Justice in BG3

First up is the correct way to pass the Chamber of Justice in BG3. This involves using the Remove Curse on the Shrouded Paintings in the chamber. The Shrouded Paintings are located on the various tables that surround The Judge. You can use Left Alt to highlight the paintings and see them easier.

pass the Chamber of Justice in Ansur's Lair in BG3
The Shrouded Paintings in the Chamber of Justice. | Screenshot via Upcomer

There are three Shrouded Paintings in total, and you need to use the Remove Curse spell on each one. I had Shadowheart in my party, so she was able to do this with no problem. Removing each curse will start to remove some of the black smoke from the room. Once all three have been removed of their curse, The Judge will disappear, and you have successfully completed the Chamber of Justice.

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If you don’t have the Remove Curse spell available to you, there is another way to get past the chamber. You can simply attack each painting by right-clicking on each one. This will have the same effect as removing their curse. The only difference is that this will cause nearly a dozen enemies to show up and attack you. This combat encounter isn’t too challenging, but it’s also slightly time-consuming. When the fight is over, the Chamber of Justice will technically be completed in BG3.

pass the Chamber of Justice in Ansur's Lair in BG3
The fight that breaks out after destroying the paintings. | Screenshot via Upcomer

I tested both of these methods and each one will result in the door to Ansur’s Lair opening once you complete the other chambers.

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