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The Mountain Pass in Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of interesting creatures and locations, but few are more enjoyable to interact with than the Blue Jay. This helpless little bird is found on the trail to the Rosymorn Monastery, and it’s currently in a bad spot. By using Speak with Animals, you can learn that some vicious eagles have destroyed the Blue Jay’s nest, and you have the option of killing the eagles so the bird can return to its home.

Helping the Blue Jay in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Choosing to help the Blue Jay will result in you traveling to the Rosymorn Monastery to find two different eagles sitting atop the broken ruins. When you meet the eagles, you will have to kill them to help the Blue Jay out. This can also help progress the Blood of Lathander quest, as the ceremonial warhammer you need for the stained glass window room is sitting in the nest.

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When you kill the eagles, the Blue Jay will return and be overjoyed that you got their nest back. If you ask the bird for a reward, it will say they spotted a treasure nearby, which will be marked on your map as Blue Jays’ Find.

Finding the treasure at Blue Jays’ Find in BG3

The Blue Jays’ Find is located back near the trail to the Rosymorn Monastery. However, when you get to the marker, you might not be able to find anything. There is no visible chest or treasure nearby, so you might be wondering how exactly you can locate the Blue Jays’ Find.

Blue Jays' Find treasure in Baldur's Gate 3
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Unfortunately, you will only be able to locate the treasure if you pass a DC 25 Survival check at the marked location on your map. Passing this check results in you being able to dig up a treasure chest with your shovel.

If you don’t pass the Survival check, you can actually still dig up the treasure chest by simply using your shovel and digging in random spots. However, I wouldn’t sink too much time into this, as the only items in the chest are not really worth it. I got 22 gold, a ruby, and some dyes, while other players got less gold and other inexpensive items.

While it might not have been the reward you were looking for, at least you helped out the Blue Jay in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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