Baldur's Gate 3: How to get the full Helldusk Armor Set in BG3
Baldur's Gate 3: How to get the full Helldusk Armor Set in BG3
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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get the full Helldusk Armor Set in BG3

A truly demonic armor set

The Helldusk Armor set is one of the few complete matching sets in the entirety of Baldur’s Gate 3. It can only be acquired after reaching Act 3 of the game, but more specifically, the Lower City region. The only other requirement is that you meet with Raphael in Sharess’ Caress, as he will present you with an offer regarding the Crown of Karsus and the Elder Brain.

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To acquire the Helldusk Armor set, you must be willing to go against and even kill Raphael, which takes his deal off the table. You can read about what happens if you take the deal or reject it in my previous guide. The quest to retrieve the Helldusk Armor also coincides with a questline called “Free Orpheus,” which you likely already know about if you’re in Act 3. Regardless of that, you need to journey to a place called the House of Hope in the lands of Avernus if you want to equip the entire Helldusk Armor set.

Find out how to acquire each of the four pieces, the helm, gloves, armor, and boots, in the guide below.

Getting the Helldusk Armor set in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can enter the House of Hope after visiting a location called the Devil’s Fee in the northern part of the Lower City. Speak with the woman, named Helsik, behind the counter inside the building and convince her to help you make a portal to Hell and Raphael’s House of Hope. I had to entice her with a deal that involved me retrieving the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength, but you can also pay her.

Once you have the materials you need from Helsik, head upstairs and follow the instructions to make a portal to Hell. Once in the House of Hope, you need to make your way to the Archive, which will be marked on your map if you speak to the red-glowing woman named Hope. Enter the Archive and speak to the Archivist, who you need to trick into believing you are a curator of great importance.

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With the Archivist’s trust gained, head to the Boudoir, which is located at the very northern part of the House of Hope. Enter the room and you will find an Incubus named Haarleep on a bed at the end of it. Speak to Haarleep, but I recommend just choosing the attack option, as this is where things will lead regardless. Loot Haarleep, and you’re now on your way to finding the Helldusk Armor set.

I will list how to find each piece individually below.

Finding the Helldusk Gloves in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3: How to get the full Helldusk Armor Set in BG3
The location of the safe with the Helldusk Gloves. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The Helldusk Gloves are found in a safe behind a painting in the Boudoir. You can push a button on the wall to the left of the bed that Haarleep was on. Using the key you looted off Haarleep’s body, open the safe to find the Helldusk Gloves along with five Soul Coins and a letter that contains the password to remove the barrier around the Orphic Hammer in the Archive.

Here’s an image showcasing the Helldusk Gloves and their abilities:

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Finding the Helldusk Helmet in BG3

The location of the secret room with the Infernal Control Gem. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Next up, we have the Helldus Helmet. These are only found in a secret room that overlooks the Feast Hall. You can get to this room by interacting with the Infernal Control Gem. This is the purple diamond on the wall and you need to interact with it twice and pass two different checks to open the stone wall door that leads into the secret room. Once inside, loot the treasure pile to find the Helldusk Helmet.

Here’s an image showcasing the Helldusk Helmet and its abilities:

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Finding the Helldusk Armor in BG3

Fighting with Raphael takes a ton of time. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The last piece of the armor set you can acquire in the House of Hope is the chest piece. Unfortunately, this is the toughest one to get, as it requires you to kill Raphael. Once you steal the Orphic Hammer from the Archive, Raphael will storm down to his house and confront you. After some dialogue, where you can convince Yurgir to join your side, the fight will begin. Raphael summons several other enemies to fight with him and has a whopping 666 health no matter what difficulty you play on. He can be weakened by destroying the four soul pillars in each corner of the room. I recommend going for those pillars first with your entire party, defeating Raphael’s other enemies, and then going after Raphael himself. Of course, if Raphael is beating you just by himself, then you might want to go after the big man first.

After defeating Raphael, you can loot his body to acquire the Helldusk Armor. Here’s an image showcasing the Helldusk Armor and its abilities:

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Finding the Helldusk Boots in BG3

The gilded chest you need to lockpick and loot. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you make your way out of the House of Hope, you want to head back to the Wrym’s Rock waypoint. Here, you can travel back up to the auditorium where Lord Gortash was coronated and go to the far northwestern corner. Here, you will find a Steel Watcher guarding a door. Trying to open the door makes the watcher stop you, at which point you can tell it that Gortash wants to see you. This requires a check to pass. I suggest saving right before this point, as the check is quite difficult.

After passing the check, which might take a few tries, go through the door and you will find yourself on top of the Wrym’s Rock Fortress. Go straight and then take a right to find a door leading into Lord Gortash’s chambers. On the far northwestern side of the room, you will find his bed and a gilded chest. Lockpick the chest, which is at a 20 Difficulty Class, and open it to reveal the Helldusk Boots. Once again, I suggest saving here to ensure you can loot the chest at some point.

Here’s an image showcasing the Helldusk Boots and their abilities:

Screenshot via Upcomer

After you find the boots, you will own the complete Helldusk Armor set in Baldur’s Gate 3. The set is perfect for for a melee class such as a Paladin, which is what I was during my first playthrough. The Helldusk Armor is a fantastic set to use for most of Act 3.

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