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Melee weapons are an underrated weapon class in Armored Core 6. They have the ability to deal massive damage to any enemy and can usually be equipped on any build regardless of Current Load or EN Load capacity. While you have access to several terrific melee weapons in AC6, there are stronger than the Moonlight Sword.

The Moonlight Sword is a classic FromSoftware weapon. It has appeared in some shape or fashion in several previous of the developer’s titles, and I can confirm that it can be acquired in AC6. However, the weapon is not easily accessible and you will have to wait quite a long time before you’re able to find and equip it.

Getting the Moonlight Sword in AC6

The Moonlight Sword’s stats in AC6. | Screenshot via Boomstick Gaming

In AC6, the Moonlight Sword is called the Light Wave Blade: IA-CO1W2 Moonlight. That name doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, so we’ll simply refer to it as the Moonlight Sword. This particular melee weapon is a combo pulse/laser blade that slashes enemies with waves of light. You can charge the Moonlight Sword to create larger waves of light and deal more damage.

To acquire the sword, you will need to reach the final mission of Chapter 4 in AC6, which is called “Reach the Coral Convergence.” During this mission, your first task will be to defeat two enemies by the name of V.VI Materlock and G3 Wu Huahai. These two mini-bosses are fighting other enemies in the street of a city and you need to take them down at the same time.

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I found that focusing on one enemy at a time was the best way to go about this fight. I used dual Songbirds, a Gatling Gun, and a Long-Range Shotgun with bipedal legs to make quick work of both enemies. They tend to hide amongst the nearby buildings, so you will need to chase them down at certain points. Once you get them staggered, though, they will take significant damage from any kind of explosive or close-range melee weapon.

With the two bosses taken down, you can begin to look for the Moonlight Sword. Progress to the next quest marker and you will eventually reach a large bridge over a lake. On this bridge, a rogue wheel enemy will attack you. Take out the wheel and then go to the end of the bridge. From here, peer down to the lake on the left side and you will see three more wheels rolling around a container. This container is where you can loot the Moonlight Sword.

Where to find the Moonlight Sword. | Screenshot via Boomstick Gaming

You need to drop down into the lake and take out every wheel enemy that is nearby. Once they are all toast, loot the container to find the Moonlight Sword. You can equip the sword the next time you visit your Garage, and you might want to equip it immediately, as the next boss you face is a perfect use-case for the Moonlight Sword in AC6.

It’s important to note that if you miss the Moonlight Sword after beating this boss, you will have to wait an hour or two before you’re able to go back and replay this mission from Chapter 4. However, if you did miss the sword, you are eventually able to go back and replay this mission to grab the Moonlight Sword.

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