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The Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event is out, and alongside it, a performance and map update is upon us. Among the many changes and additions to the game, there is also a mysterious new equipment slot. Could it be… for melee weapons?

The fifth slot was ninja-added to the game with the Legendary Hunt update. There is nothing about it in the patch notes. Some have speculated it will be for boots or even a jetpack. This is certainly possible, as Titanfall 2 players still fondly remember being able to double-jump and fly around.

A fifth wearable item in Season 2 coming? from apexlegends

We at Daily Esports are big fans of a third distinct and equally unconfirmed possibility. The fifth slot could be for melee weapons. After all, this update introduced another little hidden change. Practice range targets now show melee damage when you punch them.

New mechanic or new cosmetic for Apex Legends?

Two other details reinforce this idea. First, the patch notes feature this interesting wording:

We’ve reverted the behavior of “Holster Weapons” so pressing that button while your melee weapon is out will no longer bring out your last primary weapon.

Currently the only melee weapon in the Apex Legends is Wraith’s heirloom kunai, and in all other Legends holstering your gun brings up your fists. The mention of melee weapons seems very specific.

Wraith's heirloom kunai | Are melee weapons coming to Apex Legends?

Secondly, Respawn’s recent Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass preview mentioned the addition of “new content categories.” It’s too soon to say whether all Legends will get heirloom sets with melee-themed cosmetics or if an actual game mechanic is on the horizon, but neither is impossible.

It’s fair to say a large portion of the Apex Legends community would welcome the addition. Apex players are not averse to squaring up in the middle of a firefight.

We will likely find out more about the fifth equipment type at Respawn’s panel at the upcoming EA PLAY 2019 event.

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