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Mogul launched the first Australian Apex Open tournament online

Apex Legends has taken the world by storm. Established organisations like Cloud9 have been recruiting players, Ninja has been promoting it, and tournaments all around the globe are popping up. Now, Australia has jumped on board too. Mogul, an esports media and tournament platform, is the team behind the Australian Apex Open competition.

There’s a $35,000 AUD prize pool on offer, and the champs will walk away with $15K. Mogul is one of the world’s best tournament and matchmaking platforms, and it’s exciting Aussies get to try it!

The Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer of Mogul, Jamie Skella, says Mogul brings a new approach for Aussies:

Mogul brings a fresh approach to esports for Australian-based players. Open to everyone, the Australian Apex Open is the first big money tournament for all Australians to compete in, not just a select group of invitees, and it’s free to enter.

A former Counter-Strike player, we had the chance to catch up with Jamie ourselves. He’s been involved in a number of businesses since playing CS, and is excited to reenter the world of esports:

Looking back at the turn of the millennium, having played for Australia’s top ranked team, helped build one the country’s earliest tournament platforms in GameArena, and worked on running national events for the likes WCG – but all being too early – I’m rapt to have re-entered the world of the esports business with GG EZ Bar and Mogul when the timing seems just right. We’ve got some incredible plans for the entire Asia Pacific region, and this Apex Open is just the beginning.

Apex Legends Open just the beginning

As Jamie says, this Open is only the start. Mogul is using their feedback and experience from their Southeast Asian tournaments to “deliver best-in-class experiences for Australian players.” The platform is able to host multiple tournament series with different game titles and structures.

Mogul believes they are in the best position to take Australian esports to the next level:

The era of big cash prize tournaments being restricted to LAN is now behind us. The proliferation of broadband internet and the arrival of new state-of-the-art tournament systems such as Mogul’s mean we can take the ‘big stage’ online and deliver enormous opportunities to competitive gamers frequently, instead of only intermittent LAN events. We’re thrilled to bring the region its first major open event for Apex, a game that has taken the world by storm, reaching 50 million players in just a month.

Keep an eye out for updates on Apex Open and Apex Legends.

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