Apex Legends winter-themed Mirage event leaked by dataminers

Apex Legends winter-themed Mirage event leaked by dataminers

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According to several dataminers, there appears to be a new limited-time mode coming to Apex Legends. We’ve seen various LTMs in the past based around the game’s Legends, with Town Takeovers being at the center. So far, we’ve had Town Takeovers focused on Octane and his Evel Knievel-esque capers as well as a Halloween LTM based on Pathfinder and Revenant. Although, with the holidays and Christmastime in full swing, it’s no surprise that Respawn Entertainment has something up their sleeves. Thanks to popular dataminers, we received some early looks at this new LTM apparently dealing with Mirage and the “Winter Express.”

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Mirage the center of the new event

Dataminers @Shrugtal and @That1MiningGuy provided us with the first looks at the new event in action. However, keep in mind these are just leaks and Respawn could change the entire layout of the event at a moment’s notice. Still, the event does look to be near finalization.

The LTM is supposedly named “Winter Express,” hence the Christmas-themed train. Since there are in fact audio files and full gameplay of this train, it leaves little doubt as to if this is coming to Apex Legends. The gameplay we see above is most likely going to be in the launch trailer for this LTM.



According to files mined by That1MiningGuy, this LTM will veer away from traditional Apex Legends gameplay. The files state that instead of looting weapons, pre-made loadouts will be available to choose from. Also, the LTM will feature round-based matches with respawning at the start of every new round. Think of Search and Destroy from Call of Duty without the bomb planting.

From what the files say, this LTM looks to take place on the “Winter Express” and has each team fight within the train cars with said pre-made loadouts. The first team to eliminate the other team in three rounds wins the match. It’s unclear how Mirage factors into the mode, but we should see more information as time goes on.

While this doesn’t distract the community from the current state of the game, the Winter Express LTM should be a nice change of pace — whenever it’s officially announced.

What do you think of the rumored mode? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Apex Legends coverage.

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