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As long as there is a will, there is a way. That should definitely be the motto of data miners these days who are keen on learning any secrets they can about their favorite games. Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment is not exempt from this by any stretch: Twitter user @RealApexLeaks has been posting leaks and data provided by data miners for potential upcoming releases in the main game. One such user uncovered the potential for a flamethrower and remote turret to be added to the game.

Of course, nothing is official. Just because something was ambiguously labeled as such in files for the game doesn’t mean they’ll be released or exist. However, hopefuls for these developments are crossing their fingers that they’ll see them appear in the first season of content.

Wall-running and super jumping in Apex Legends?

New weapons aren’t the only thing potentially on the docket for upcoming Apex Legends content, however. Actual game mechanics might be added if another recent “data” leak is to be believed. Wall-running and super jumping have now also been spotted among the files behind the game. Many might recall that wall-running and super jumping were mechanics within Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall series. However, Apex Legends did begin as a third installment to the series, and these very well could be leftover from the initial start of that game’s development. It’s likewise possible that the flamethrower, remote turret, and any other leak from the code behind this game could be irrelevant scripts from the original Titanfall threequel. So, take everything with the tiniest grains of salt you can muster.

There’s plenty more where these leaks come from though. Check out the @RealApexLeaks Twitter feed for more, like a possible “night mode” or a “community happy time” discovered in the code. Even possible “NPCs” appear in the code, as well. There’s a lot there, which might give credence to the thought that these were simply a bunch of ideas in the original files that never came to fruition. Who knows? But for something tangible, we’re hoping to learn more about what’s coming to Apex Legends very soon with the season 1 update. Stay tuned for that.

Would you like to see new weapons or game mechanics like wall-running added to Apex Legends? Do you think these leaks carry any real weight to them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!