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The Apex Legends Voidwalker event launched today. A brand new area has been added to Kings Canyon: Wraith’s own Town Takeover. Additionally, players have access to a temporary new game mode called Armed and Dangerous. There are also limited event challenges and cosmetics.

Respawn is also pushing through a couple of interesting balance adjustments with the Voidwalker patch. The first one concerns defensive legend Wattson. She now has the Low Profile trait. That makes her squishier by virtue of taking 5 percent more damage from all sources. She can also no longer have more than a single Interception Pylon deployed. Previously, she could have up to three down at any given time.

Apex Legends Wattson

These changes are likely in response to Wattson’s popularity in the high-level Apex Legends ranked meta. It’s not certain the nerfs will make her less dominant, however. Her survivability is less relevant to her performance than her tool kit. And the change to Interception Pylon is in some ways a buff. Now she won’t be leaving random Pylons behind for other squads to use.

The other balance change concerns weapons. The Triple Take sniper rifle now has a wider projectile spread. This emphasizes its ability to hit moving targets. Submachine guns will no longer be able to equip x3 and x2-4 scopes, which makes some sense. SMGs are inaccurate and don’t inflict headshot damage past the 40-meter mark. Still, the access to more scopes was a welcome bit of utility.

Incidentally, players won’t be picking up any SMGs in Armed and Dangerous. The Apex Legends Voidwalker temporary game mode is very different from standard play. Weapons and armor are very hard to come by, with no armor pieces higher than level 1 available. Players also only have access to eight weapons from the usual arsenal: the shotguns and snipers. On the plus side, the legendary Kraber and Mastiff will occasionally spawn on the map as regular pick-ups.

The Apex Legends Voidwalker event will run until September 17. Players can also take advantage of the Double XP weekend taking place between September 6 and 9. All top 5 finishes and wins will reward double progression on player account levels and the Battle Pass.

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