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Technical difficulties are a common occurrence in broadcast entertainment, and esports is by no means exempt. As an inescapable reality at gaming tournaments everywhere, they can ruin the day for organizers, participants, and audiences. There are different ways to handle yourself when faced with them, however. The casters of the Singapore Gamers Cup recently showed you can even have fun with your technical issues.

While doing their commentary over the last game of the Apex Legends tournament, they lost sound output from the game. Unperturbed, they proceeded to cast while making up the missing sound effects themselves. The clip below is courtesy of Reddit user Mercuriyus. As you can see, Gamers Cup casters Abstract and Hauler are versed in more than just describing gameplay.

There wasn’t sound in-game for the casters in a tournament and they had to improvise from apexlegends

Hauler himself chimed in the Reddit thread, saying simply that they “had to make lemonade outta lemons” on the spot. It’s safe to say they did a phenomenal job of it. This is especially true considering the incident took place during the final game of a 12-hour long tournament cast.

It seems this type of crisis-fueled entertainment is very appealing to the Apex Legends community. Responses on the Reddit post range from amusement to outright calls for this to be a new form of casting. One user commented, “I don’t want to watch esports unless it’s done this way.”

Apex Legends Singapore Gamers Cup tournament sound

The Gamers Cup

The Apex Legends Gamers Cup is an annual esports tournament that Asus ROG organizes in partnership with Australia-based company Harvey Norman. It launched this year with a prize pool of $6,000, and it took place on Aug 17 and 18. It’s a relatively small event compared to things like the upcoming EXP Invitational. That said, it’s a great sign for Singapore’s fledgling esports scene, and we hope to see it grow.

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