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As we near the beginning of Apex Legends Season 2, the flow of reveals, leaks, and teasers intensifies. Today’s little clue comes in the form of a post on the official Apex Legends Instagram account. This post, which you can see below, tells us a little bit about the sea-faring behemoths closing in on Kings Canyon.

But it also hints at the arrival of yet another new legend.


The Leviathans are “distressed”

As we almost certainly know, the opening event of Apex Legends Season 2 will involve the Leviathans. Respawn has repeatedly hinted that the two (hopefully) gentle giants will play a large role in reshaping Kings Canyon. Keen-eyed players also recently spotted that the Leviathans are moving, seemingly trying to go around the island.

Today’s clue tells us that there is someone in the world of Apex Legends who is also paying attention to them. Perhaps a team of scientists is tasked with observing and studying the creatures? It would probably be important to try to keep track of where two walking mountains may headed to next.

The message states that the Leviathans seem “distressed” and may be showing “territorial behaviour.” Perhaps this is all tied in with the other mysterious creature expected to arrive in Apex Legends soon – the flyers. As we inch closer to Season 2, Respawn will hopefully continue to drop these little hints.

Apex Legends Respawn Rosie Battle Roayle

Who is Rosie?

Something else hinted to be coming to the island is Rosie. In the Instagram post, you can see a memo someone stuck to the monitor. It simply reads, “What’s wrong with Rosie?”

Data-miners discovered the name Rosie a while back in the game’s files. The original leak featured Rosie alongside the names of 10 other upcoming legends, including Octane and Wattson. Considering how much Respawn likes to feed us secret lore, it’s impossible not to connect the dots here.

Respawn hinted today at the imminent arrival of the Leviathans, and also at future legend Rosie
Rosie’s placeholder art, found in the game’s files.

For now, all we know is that Rosie is a planned future legend for Apex Legends. Inferring from the post, we can guess that her profession involves observing the Leviathans. After all, the note seems like a memo between concerned co-workers. Perhaps Rosie is a marine biologist? And maybe “what is wrong with her” is that she’s figured out what’s spooking the Leviathans?

Stay tuned to Daily Esports as we report on future developments on this and other Apex Legends news!