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With around three weeks left until Season 6 of Apex Legends, the teasers have started to roll in. Near the end of every season, the developers at Respawn Entertainment drop hints as to what the next installment will contain. For example, at the end of Season 4, we saw electronic devices scattered around the World’s Edge map that hinted at the arrival of Loba. The same idea is in place for Season 5, as multiple teasers have appeared around World’s Edge. While it doesn’t give us an indication of the next legend, it does provide information on the next map.

World’s Edge not going anywhere in Apex Legends?

One of the biggest theories concerning Season 6 of Apex Legends is that a new map will enter the fold. After the Season 5 questline wrapped up, players were treated to some teasers regarding the city of Olympus on the planet Psamathe. It was assumed the game’s next map would take place here.

While the hints did line up to Olympus coming soon, that plan just had a monkey wrench thrown into it. Currently, in-game teasers are live near The Dome location on the World’s Edge map. These teasers seem to hint that Apex Legends’ main villain, Hammond Robotics, is building something near Sorting Factory.

The signs that appeared near The Dome simply say: “Hammond Robotics: Bring The Future Home”. Obviously, these signs wouldn’t appear unless Season 6 will introduce a new location. However, that does slightly contradict the rumors of Apex Legends moving to Olympus.

At this point in time, it doesn’t look like World’s Edge is going anywhere for Season 6. Along with this, it’s unlikely King’s Canyon would be dropped from the map pool either. So, perhaps Respawn is holding off adding Olympus until Season 7, or we could potentially see a three-map system.

New teasers should start arriving any day, so make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.

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