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A new Stories from the Outlands video from Apex Legends has revealed Mad Maggie as the next legend, along with a new event named Defiance. The event’s trailer will release on Jan. 27 with further information. This is the next installment in the Stories of the Outlands series, after diving into Bangalore’s past earlier in 2022.

‘Judgement’ cinematic

The video focuses on Mad Maggie‘s punishments after being caught by the Syndicate. Her character focuses on pro-Salvo but anti-Syndicate crimes, trying to reinstate her vision of freedom to Salvo. As stated in court, these crimes included 47 counts of sedition, 18 counts of inciting riots, nine counts of raiding Syndicate transport ships and masterminding the attack on the Salvo-Syndicate merger ceremony. After the juror states that Salvo is a Syndicate world now, Mad Maggie breaks her tooth on a rail, only to spit it at the juror’s eye and partially blind him.

After sentencing her to death, at what seems the final moment, the leader of the Syndicate changes their mind. Instead, Mad Maggie is going to the Apex Games, to fight against her old friends to her death. Due to her acceptance of death, the news that she’s living to fight only invigorates her.

This will mark the twentieth legend in the game, following the last legend of Ash in late 2021.

Defiance event coming soon

At the end of the video, the Apex team hints at a new reveal trailer for the Defiance event. As this trailer releases only three days after this cinematic’s release, fans don’t have to wait long to see what’s in store for the future.

How this new Apex Legends event ties into the release of Mad Maggie will be revealed alongside the new trailer.

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