Apex Legends streamer ajnassudah spreads the love on stream
ajnassudah mains Wattson in Apex Legends
ajnassudah mains Wattson in Apex Legends | Provided by EA

Apex Legends streamer ajnassudah spreads the love on stream

A little kindness goes a long way
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Streamer ajnassudah posted a video on Twitter of him and his community flocking into the stream of a random teammate he had just finished a game of Apex Legends with on Friday. They proceeded to flood the other streamer with kind messages and enough follows to reach Twitch Affiliate status.

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ajnassudah makes another Apex Legends streamer’s day

After winning the match with 19 kills and 3,399 damage, aj and the other person he was streaming with heard their teammate’s shock at their skill. Seemingly on a whim, aj checked Twitch to see if the person, who goes by PolarFritz, was streaming. They were, to just one viewer. Both ajnassudah and his fellow streamer started watching and someone threw PolarFritz a follow. PolarFritz mentioned that they were getting close to reaching Twitch Affiliate status, so aj encouraged his community members who were still watching his stream to follow them and watch the stream. The community proceeded to fill PolarFritz’s chat with positive messages and they ended aj’s recording with 54 followers, above the required 50 for Affiliate.

After the stream, PolarFritz posted a TwitLonger to express what the show of support from a larger streamer (ajnassudah currently has 12.2 thousand followers on Twitch) meant to them.

“Thank you so much for everything that happened that day, and thank you to your community for showing me your Twitter,” they wrote. “I looked at this very video and was tearing up for the amount of good will that you and your community have shown me.

I may never know how to repay you, but I’ll try my best everyday to be a great streamer, and an even better person. I love you all, and thank you for making my day brighter and showing the world that there are still kind hearts and good people in the world. <3”

As for ajnassudah, he says his goal is “just to spread love, man.”

“This world is filled with too much hate,” he said via direct Twitter messages. “The LEAST we can do is show some love to the people who are deserving or in some cases people who are in need of it!”

Who is ajnassudah?

Ajnassudah is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber and musician. He’s also an avid Apex Legends player and Wattson main on PlayStation. Though now that Season 12: Defiance and Mad Maggie are out, he’s been putting a lot of time into the new Outlands warlord, and it seems to be paying off. It was with Maggie that he got those impressive numbers while playing with PolarFritz, after all.