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Earlier this week, Respawn Entertainment announced a limited-time Solos mode called the Iron Crown Collection Event for Apex Legends. This event is the result of tons of community feedback wanting Apex to offer a solo and duo mode. Pairing up with two random players, or even one, can be a frustrating experience if a skill gap exists or if they are loot goblins that steal everything. Yes, we mean you, xXx360n0sc0p3rxXx.

Since this event is for a limited time and Respawn hasn’t expressed any interest in such modes in the past, it suggests Respawn is giving this mode a shot just to see what happens. However, despite an abundance in the community wanting this mode, it may not see the success people think.

Apex Legends’ core

Let’s really break this down. Apex Legends, at its core, is a team-based BR. There are team compositions that complement play style along with character synergy, making fights engaging and rewarding when abilities are used to their full potential. This also creates a skill gap between good players and bad players and helps with RNG. A team with less armor and attachments can still win a fight with excellent ability use along with superior aim and movement. Solos doesn’t promote this integral piece of what makes Apex Apex.

There has been no talk of reworking characters for solo play, and to be honest, it would be ridiculous to do so. Every character should do what they do regardless of game mode, but that also makes it so that Solos will only be made up of one or two legends. So, the only way to fix this is to truly rip everything up and start over designing legends with Solos at the forefront. These characters were designed with a team of three in mind, and taking them out of that mold is going to make some of the characters terrible in a solo state.

The “meta”

Another issue is one we are already witnessing in ranked modes. Third-partying is the play style in Apex Legends, especially at higher ranks. It seems right when you get done fighting a team that another one shows up to capitalize on your exhausted resources. Imagine how prevalent third-partying is going to be when all 60 players on the map are the enemy. Gunshots are going to cause swarms of players to fly to the spot. This will either make Solos chaotic and uncontrollable or camp fests. There are ways for Respawn to fix the third-party issues, but that’s a whole other discussion.

All in all, it would be great to see different modes prosper in the game. Solos could succeed, and the community is hopeful that it will. Aug. 13 will be the day we get to see if it will or not. What do you think about Solos coming to Apex Legends?