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If you’ve already tried the new Apex Legends mode, you know how difficult it can be to survive Shadowfall. Sure, winning as a Shadow isn’t too complex: just swarm the evac zone and let nobody through. It’s much trickier to get a true victory, where you hold onto your life for the entire round and escape with it. To help you achieve exactly that, we have prepared this handy mini-guide on how to survive Apex Legends Shadowfall.

Pick the right legend

Without question, certain legends are much better suited to make it out alive than others. Take a moment to re-evaluate if your main is the right pick for the mode. To help you make the choice, check out our breakdown of how well each legend fares in Shadowfall.

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Find the right hardware

Running and gunning at night makes certain weapons a lot less useful than they normally are. Forget about snipers – not only are they difficult to find a use for in the dark, trying to use them against Shadows is suicide. Other slow-firing, high overkill weapons like the Wingman and Peacekeeper are also inferior against the undead. Full auto is the name of the game if you want to survive Apex Legends Shadowfall.

Your best options are the Flatline, the R-301, the Spitfire, and the Prowler if you have also found the Selectfire hop-up. The G7 Scout is also great since it can 1-shot Shadows, but make sure to keep it in single fire mode. The Alternator is decent against Shadows, but you shouldn’t hold onto it if you can find something better.

Secure a safe spot and fortify it

The current tactic most players employ is to land near the circle and quickly hole up in a safe space with limited entrances. This becomes more and more important as the arena shrinks. Make sure to find one fast! Don’t bother looting too much: gearing up completely is not very important in Shadowfall. There won’t be many chances to use grenades and healing items, and the only piece of armor you really need is a Blue body shield. Besides, killing players provides a couple of random pieces of loot, and killing Shadows restores a small amount of health.

Apex Legends Shadowfall Fight or Fright event

Play smart

Even if you have managed to make a completely secure bunker for yourself, you will eventually have to leave it. Join up with other survivors as soon as you are down to the final 10 legends. When moving out in the open, stick close to terrain, as the cover of darkness gives you zero protection: Shadows have threat vision. Try to be quiet, too – don’t run through water when you can avoid it. Also, don’t shoot at bin spiders and zombies – they only take a single melee hit to pop.

While you are completely visible to them, Shadows are hard to spot until it’s too late, so keep your eyes open. You must also remain vigilant of death markers as they pop up. Knowing where other players are killed will help you navigate around safely. As a final tip, we suggest you hoard your ultimate ability until the end. Ultimates are indispensable when you have to reach the evac ship, especially for Pathfinder, Octane, Wraith, and Mirage.

We hope these tips will help you stay alive and secure a win in Shadowfall. You have plenty of time to put them to work, as the Apex Legends Fight or Fright event runs until Nov 5. And don’t forget to check back with Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and content!

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