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With the arrival of Fuse and his “Grenadier” passive ability in Apex Legends Season 8, players are chucking grenades more than ever. However, with the Arc Star as the most lethal grenade to use, it is now firmly atop the meta.

The Arc Star meta in Apex Legends

Grenadier allows players to throw grenades farther, faster and more accurately. While the Frag and Thermite grenades work decently with that ability, it’s the Arc Star that is seen all across Kings Canyon. This wasn’t the case in previous seasons, though, as Arc Stars were really only useful if a player had space in their inventory or their team needed extra DPS.

apex legends season 8 arc star meta
Fuse’s Grenadier ability is one of his most desirable traits. Screengrab via EA

Season 8 is a different story, though. When using Fuse, players can hurl Arc Stars with absolute precision that travel quite the distance. One Apex Legends player even managed to hit an enemy 250 meters away with the lethal grenade.

G’day Mate (250m Arc Star Throw) from apexlegends

The Reddit clip fully demonstrates the true power of Fuse, who can bypass the need for other abilities or weapons by throwing an Arc Star across a ravine with deadly accuracy.

Respawn Entertainment has previously said Fuse may face a nerf one day . However, with new breath-taking clips popping up every day, that day may be sooner rather than later.

To see how long Arc Stars say at the top of the meta, keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.