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Perhaps the most exciting new piece of content coming with Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension is the map Olympus. Originally hinted at months ago, the map looks to be a big departure from what fans know with World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. We received a mini-overview of the new playable areas in two short videos earlier today. However, it doesn’t appear the map will stay in its original state for very long. According to a new leak, a Town Takeover surrounding Pathfinder will invade the map shortly into Season 7’s life cycle.

Pathfinder Town Takeover arriving in Apex Legends Season 7

Before we even get our hands on Olympus itself there’s news of a change to the map. Town Takeovers traditionally take one barren spot on an Apex Legends map and turn into a fun, new area that focuses on one character. In the past, we’ve seen Octane receive a racetrack, Wraith get a void-filled paradise, and Mirage take hold of his own ship.

However, we’ve never seen everyone’s favorite robot, Pathfinder, receive a Town Takeover. Of course, that’s most likely changing after Season 7 drops. We’re not sure where on the Olympus map the takeover will be but dataminer @Biast12 has given us an interesting screenshot of the location.

Apparently, this Town Takeover takes place in a boxing ring that has Pathfinder’s image all over it. Additionally, there will supposedly be zip lines hung everywhere to really pay tribute to the robotic character. Biast12 states that the other side of the boxing ring is a stadium, which could be another location on Olympus.

As of right now, there’s not much information about the event. However, we most likely won’t see its introduction until at least a couple of months into Season 7. Also, an in-game event will presumably accompany the Town Takeover.

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