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Apex Legends Season 6 has previously teased a new map, Olympus, and the quest reward for the season has dropped yet another tease.

Completing the Season 6 quest, The First Ship, rewards players with a weapon charm. It’s called “Ride Share,” and it seems rather innocuous. It’s a little cute mode of transportation, but it’s holding a tiny secret. Twitter user @biast12 zoomed in on the charm and found “Olymbus” inscribed on the side.

Apex Legends Olympus map
from @biast12

With “bus” in the name along with “Ride Share,” this is clearly a form of transport that will be used somewhere. With all of the teases for the Olympus map, surely this Olymbus is a mode of transportation for an Olympus map, right? It’s right there in the name, slapping fans in the face.

Why does Olympus matter in Apex Legends?

Olympus, in Grecian legend, is the home of the gods up in the clouds above Mount Olympus in Greece. Assuming that an Olympus map would be based upon the Greek myth, then it will presumably also reside in the clouds. In fact, we already know that Olympus is a city in the sky on the planet Psamathe. So far, the lore of Apex Legends already suggests that Psamathe is the next locale — hence the need for this type of transportation for a city in the sky.

Others have speculated that the Olymbus may be a new mode of fast travel between Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Or this could all be some big epic troll on EA’s part. Either way, with Season 7 launching in just a few months in November, Apex Legends fans won’t have long to wait to find out if this Olymbus does indeed mean something about Olympus. Something other than the fact it has a cute pun in its name, of course.

We’ll be on top of all Apex Legends news, especially in regards to Olympus.