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We’re just a week away from the debut of Season 6 in Apex Legends and the new installment is already promising big changes. From the new legend Rampart to the all-new Crafting system, Respawn Entertainment is bringing its A-Game for the season. However, there might be even more game-altering changes that haven’t been confirmed as of yet. One of these changes could include an alteration to one of Apex Legends‘ most popular weapons, the R-99 submachine gun.

R-99 in Apex Legends could change in Season 6

With the arrival of the Volt submachine gun from Titanfall, the R-99 is in a strange spot. While it’s still one of the most popular weapons in the game, it hasn’t seen many big alterations throughout the five seasons of Apex Legends.

Though many other guns haven’t been messed with, the Volt’s timing complicates things a bit. Apparently, this is enough for Respawn Entertainment to consider changing the R-99’s availability in Season 6. According to a reputable leaker, @Biast12, the R-99 could be a care package weapon in the new season.

Apex Legends R-99 volt Season 6
Image via Biast12 Twitter

It appears that Biast12 is hinting that the R-99 will only be available in care packages come Season 6. However, this means that the Devotion, an energy-based LMG, will move back to the pool of floor loot.

If this leak is accurate, Respawn’s reasoning is most likely to give the Volt some time to shine. Admittedly, the R-99 has been the poster weapon for Apex Legends since the beginning and could work well as a rarer item.

From the looks of it, the R-99 could be available in both the standard loot crates and Lifeline’s care package. This is something we haven’t seen before, as Lifeline’s drops have always contained healing items, armor, and attachments. We’ll have to wait and see if this leak comes to fruition or not.

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