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Apex Legends theorist FrozenFroh revealed a number of new data-mined findings on Reddit today. Altogether, they amount to a pretty plausible scenario for Season 2’s opening event. According to FrozenFroh, leaked legend Crypto may arrive in the game alongside Wattson. More importantly, he may be the reason behind the Leviathans’ incursion on the island.

New legends

FrozenFroh’s theory involves upcoming legend Talchum, who was technically the first legend Respawn ever teased for Apex Legends. His legend name is Crypto, according to data-mined leaks which now feel ancient. As old as they may be, they were in the first batch of leaks which included Octane and Wattson. Both of them are now confirmed in Apex Legends, which lends some credibility to the idea that Crypto is indeed on his way.

Pathfinder art Apex Legends Respawn Battle Royale
Respawn’s official Apex Legends release art featured a hidden Crypto in the background.

Whether he will actually come to the game in playable form at the start of Season 2 is another story. Respawn has so far stuck to their road map, which indicates one new legend per season. Even so, FrozenFroh’s theory involves Crypto in its narrative.

The theory – which hinges on Crypto sabotaging the Repulsor – also predicts some pretty massive map changes. Prepare to wade through deep water and discover some unfamiliar terrain in otherwise-familiar places. It’s frankly not at all implausible for a story taking place in Apex Legends. The one thing missing so far is Crypto’s motivation for his anarchist behavior.

The missing piece of the puzzle may involve another future legend Respawn recently hinted at – Rosie. Also discovered in the old data-mine leak, Rosie’s name recently popped up on Apex Legends‘ official Instagram account. She is somehow linked to the Leviathan’s strange behavior.


Beast Hunter

FrozenFroh also detailed some recent changes discovered by data-miners in Apex Legends‘ files. The Hunt the Beast mode, which has apparently been in the game’s files since launch, was recently renamed to Beast Hunter. While that may not seem like much, it indicates Respawn may be gearing up to incorporate it into other game systems.

The game mode will likely involve the flyers, which Apex Legends lead producer Drew McCoy teased at EA PLAY 2019. All we know about them so far is that they are big and nasty looking, and sometimes they will be found in cages. Since they are also a game asset players can ping, they will certainly play a large role in Season 2’s gameplay.

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