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Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map, the primary home of competitive play, is receiving a major update in Season 10: Emergence. Respawn Entertainment showed off the changes in their Emergence Gameplay trailer, including multiple new points of interest, lighting and weather updates, as well as moving gondolas.

New POIs on Season 10 World’s Edge

Per EA’s official blog post, in which Senior Level Designer Garrett Metcalf provided details on the changes, three points of interest on World’s Edge have been wiped out by seismic activity and replaced.

The Refinery on the northern edge of the map is now the Climatizer. The snowy new zone “supports a lot more teams and provides them with much more loot to fight over,” Metcalf said. In addition to the snow and new buildings, Climatizer will feature mobile gondolas and a lava fissure. The crack that divides Fragment East and West will extend all the way through Epicenter and into Climatizer.

The new Climatizer POI on Season 10 World's Edge
The new Climatizer POI on Season 10 World’s Edge. | Provided by EA

Meanwhile, on the southern half of the map, Lava Siphon is replacing Sorting Factory. According to Metcalf, these massive new structures “offer a lot of interesting close-encounter fights.” Gondolas will be present here as well, with longer paths that connect the various buildings dotted around the lava pit.

Finally, Landslide is replacing the destroyed Train Yard. The old Train Yard had numerous derelict train cars and was prone to drawn-out, non-committal fights. Respawn’s goal with the new location, confirmed by Metcalf, is to “bring more clarity to combat encounters and minimize the number of structures for teams to hold,” without reducing loot quantity.

Other changes in Season 10

In addition to the new points of interest, Season 10 World’s Edge will include a couple of new rotation paths. One such addition will be an extra path out of Overlook. Previously, the area didn’t have a southward exit, but it now includes a path through the rocky cliffs. Nearby, a new tunnel will provide a more direct path from Geyser to Overlook. The goal, according to Metcalf, is to “improve flow to and from the northern POIs.” Previously, limited routes through the mountains hindered these rotations.

On top of the map changes, Season 10: Emergence will include the new Legend, Seer, as well as the new Rampage LMG. The Rampage’s mechanics are unknown, but Rampart appears to charge it with a thermite grenade in the trailer. Season 10: Emergence will launch on Aug. 3.