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Apex Legends released a new cinematic for its Stories from the Outlands series, this time featuring Bangalore,  on Tuesday. This is the fourteenth installment of the popular series on the Apex Legends YouTube channel.

Banglore features in Apex Legends’ new Stories from the Outlands

The story begins with more context towards the events of the Apex Legends universe, introducing the Battle of Gridiron. The cinematic goes into detail about Banglore’s involvement with the IMC, a military group that has links to the larger Titanfall universe that Apex Legends takes place in.

The cinematic goes over Banglore’s origins and introduces her brother into the fold. After escaping to the Outlands, Bangalore realizes that she has deserted the IMC, a decision made by her brother while she was injured. Banglore calls the IMC to alert them of their location, expecting her brother to receive a fair trial. However, the IMC wanted to execute him then and there. Torn between her family and her loyalty to the IMC, and a fight between the involved parties ensues. Bangalore’s brother takes the IMC’s serrated knife, which is what ultimately becomes Banglore’s heirloom in Apex Legends.

With the introduction of Banglore’s brother in the cinematic short, some fans are speculating that Respawn is teasing him as the next agent to join the the battle in Apex Legends.

The release of the YouTube short is also followed by new skins that are available for purchase in-game. The items are:

The skins feature Banglore in the IMC armor that she wears in the cinematic. The themed items also include the Fire and Fury frame, which features an orange dragon that breathes fire at the bottom of the frame. The entire bundle costs 4350 Legend Tokens and can be found in the game’s store tab.

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