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Apex Legends is the next installment in a line of Battle Royal games a la Fortnite and PUBG. The game is produced by Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the hit games Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

The game has been officially released as of today, February 4th, 2019. If you’re wondering how to download Apex Legends on PC, you must do it through the EA Origins client. For Xbox and PlayStation, you can search for Apex Legends in your respective store in order to find it and begin the download. Apex Legends is Free-to-Play.

While Apex Legends certainly fits into the battle royale market, Respawn Entertainment was sure to put a spin on the game that we haven’t seen before in the genre: specific characters, or Legends, to play as. Where Fortnite and PUBG let you have a custom character with no real defined character traits or personality, each Legend in Apex Legends has his or her own look, fighting style, personality, and gear similar to how the heroes in Overwatch work.

Another stark difference between Apex Legends and the other big name battle arenas on the market is that players who die have the chance to be respawned if their squad can get to a respawn point. In addition to this, there is currently at least one Legend who is a medic and can use support abilities to heal and protect her squad allies.

Respawn Entertainment is intent on delivering a game that rewards playing as a group, with mechanics such as the above, respawn and support mechanics that are absent in other battle arena style games. We often see in team games role classifications (Tank, Support, DPS, etc) but it’s not something that has been a big part of battle royale due to their heavy single-player-focused design. With Apex Legends, each Legend excels at certain types of combat so you can choose who you play in order to help round out your squad’s goals and to synergize with what other squad members may be doing.

Remember, if you’d like to know how to download Apex Legends, you can download it through EA’s Origins client on PC or through the Xbox and PlayStation stores starting today! Don’t forget that Apex Legends is Free-to-Play!

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