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Over the two-plus years that Apex Legends has been live, a plethora of strange bugs have surfaced in the battle royale mode. From game-breaking glitches to amusing bugs that players can take advantage of, the game has seen virtually every possible bug. However, earlier this week, one player may have discovered something that’s never been seen before. In a strange clip, the player in question gets killed by a Flatline that shot them through a giant box for the kill.

The clip itself is puzzling in a few ways. In Apex Legends, bullets don’t go through any kind of surface, as in other FPS or battle royale titles. If a player is next to cover, other players can’t shoot them through that cover. Of course, that logic didn’t seem to apply to a recent player. Either an enemy’s Flatline bugged out or perhaps Apex Legends has some exploitable qualities that players don’t know about.

Potential Flatline bug in Apex Legends?

So the flatline got a buff that shoots through surfaces🧐🙃
byu/duzza92 inapexlegends

The clip in question comes from the Apex Legends subreddit and currently has over 5,000 upvotes at the time of writing. The player in the clip got a self-revive off behind a box and immediately started using a Phoenix Kit when they revived themselves. However, before the Phoenix Kit was finished, the player died to an enemy using a Flatline.

Of course, what the player saw is the enemy killing them through the box they were standing behind. The enemy shot them from the opposite side of the box, so the clip makes it seem like the Flatline is able to shoot through surfaces. If this is the case, then Respawn Entertainment has another bug to deal with.

However, fans in the comments of the post aren’t convinced that this is a bug. Instead, players are claiming that the box specifically has a tiny “gap between the box and the wall they shot through.” This was countered by other players stating the gap between the box and the wall is above the player. Since the player in the clip was crouching, it adds some credibility to the claim that this was a bug.

Either way, players should keep an eye out for a situation like this in the future. If the same issue continues to happen, this is undoubtedly a bug. However, since the clip doesn’t show the enemy’s POV, it’s difficult to call this a bug with complete certainty.